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Industry Connection

Industry Connection

UUNZ is committed to industry connection at several levels:

  1. Industry input into our papers and programmes to ensure current relevance and future contribution to New Zealand and global industry.
  2. Connection with industry leaders and members to engage our students in cutting edge concepts and practice.
  3. To connect our students with potential employers and future partners
  4. To inspire students to take up entrepreneurial activities that will contribute to the New Zealand and global economy
  5. Opportunities for staff to observe and engage in professional development

To these ends UUNZ  is an active member of the Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Opportunities for partnership with UUNZ

  1. Membership of the Industry Advisory Council
    Juanita Helg
    Chairs of IAC
  1. Industry Contact
    Dr Graeme Sterne
  1. Placements for Business Projects
    Rex Morgan
    Business Project Coordinator
    Vice President of Auckland Airport Rotary Club | LinkedIn

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