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Gaining certification of course completion and receiving a detailed analysis of learning progress is satisfying for students and clearly indicates progress. Assessment, for the successful completion of a course, may take the form of examinations, tests, assignments, or other forms approved by the Programme Coordinator and may be conducted on a group or individual basis.

All students who have successfully completed the minimum requirements for the School’s qualification may attend a graduation ceremony. All students will receive their qualification upon course completion.

Final grades are published confidentially, using individual student identity numbers on the School’s notice board. Students may also enquire about their own results by phone or by email. In all cases, staff will verify the identity of the students before releasing information.

Steps to graduating

  1. Ensure your degree name and personal details are correct.  If you need to make an update, please complete a ‘General Request Form’ by providing all the relevant documents to us.
  2. Please request for an Interim Completion Certificate and Transcript from the school before your visa expiry.  
  3. Then complete a ‘Request for Issue of Document’ form and submit it to us.  
  4. Please allow at least 5 working days for us to process your application.
  5. Before each graduation season, we will inform students of the Graduation Ceremony day details and send out a Graduation Ceremony information guide. Please remember to check out this important information and also share it with your guests.
  6. Complete the ‘Graduation Ceremony Registration Form’ and register for a graduation ceremony and make the payment.
  7. You will then be informed of following process leading up to the ceremony day.

After the day of the Graduation Ceremony, check for any emails from Graduation UUNZ regarding collection of your official graduation documents.

Graduation documents

New graduands

Each graduand receives a free Official Academic Transcript and a free print completion certificate.  They can be collected during the working hours of UUNZ from Monday to Friday (9am – 6pm).

If you wish to receive the documents by mail, a postage fee will inccur depending on the location and method of postage selected.  Please contact to discuss these requests.

Replacement completion certificate

A replacement completion certificate is usually requested for the following reasons:

  • a print completion certificate has been lost or damaged
  • a different name should appear on a completion certificate as a result of marriage, divorce, or change of name

How to order a print replacement completion certificate or academic transcript

Payment is required in advance for this service. Please refer to the UUNZ Fee Structure.

  1. Complete and submit the Replacement Completion certificate Request form and if required, a Statutory Declaration witnessed by a Justice of the Peace (JP), solicitor or notary public, Registrar or a Deputy Registrar of the District Court or the High Court
  2. A Change of Name and Personal Details form and suitable certified supporting documentation may also be required.
Authentication of print graduation documents

If you require Authentication of your graduation documents, please complete the General Request Form and provide all the relevant documents and information.

Payment is required in advance for this service. Please refer to the UUNZ Fee Structure.

Delivery of documents

Once Authentication is complete, we will send the authenticated documents to the delivery address you nominate. UUNZ does not take responsibility for the arrival of documents sent via a Registered Post or TNT Courier. Delivery fees vary accordingly.

Authenticated documents can be collected in person during working hours from us.

Third Party Verification of UUNZ graduates

UUNZ responds to Third Party Verification requests in writing via email. These requests and responses are retained and stored in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Under the Privacy Policy the following information can be provided about a conferred graduate:

  • individual’s name
  • name of program (not including majors or fields of study)
  • awarded date.

If you require further information, a signed consent from the graduate must be supplied.

To use the Third Party Verification service, you are required to provide the following information:

  • details of the company, organisation or individual requesting verification
  • graduate’s full name including any previous or maiden name - clarification may be required on name order for some international graduates
  • date of birth DD/MM/YYYY.

Graduation Ceremonies

If you are wishing to attend your scheduled ceremony, you must complete the Graduation Ceremony Registration Form, when you receive UUNZ invitation email. Please follow the steps outlined previously above.

The semester in which you complete your studies will determine when your graduation ceremony will take place.

Final semester Scheduled graduation ceremony
Semester 2 and 3, 2018 July – September 2019

Semester 1, 2019

July – September 2019

Semester 2 and 3, 2019